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Generators Powering Businesses

You rely on energy to power your business every single day. From lights, heat, phones, to point of sales systems, your business needs power to keep its doors open. Whether you’re a small or large business, you need a reliable back-up power source in the event of a power outage. GenCare offers generators and generator maintenance specifically catered for businesses in the commercial and retail space.

Reliable Power for Everyday Business

Power outages can come from many different causes, such as weather related events, natural disasters, a general blackout, or an equipment failure on an aging power grid. If the power goes out, you could incur damages to any goods that are stored in freezers or refrigerators, lose out on revenue, and/or dissatisfy your customers. With 35+ years of experience, GenCare has the power generator solutions to ensure your business never goes off-line. We have unique knowledge and experience in the commercial space including powering businesses such as hotels, malls, retail stores, insurance brokers, and more!

Generator Solutions for Commercial Businesses

GenCare will walk you through the entire generator selection process and cater a solution specific to your business. The most popular option for commercial businesses is to select a standby commercial generator. A standby commercial generator keeps your power on and your business open during an outage. Normally, a standby commercial generator is installed outside of your business. The unit will come on automatically whether you’re open or closed, within seconds of a power outage. A reliable commercial generator that is maintained properly by GenCare, will power your businesses’ critical functions so that you can focus on your business.

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Powering Commercial Business Requirements

As a business owner, lost power means lost revenues. No matter your business needs, GenCare gives you the regulatory maintenance required on your commercial generators so you can depend on them when you need them the most. With our years of experience in providing essential power to commercial businesses, know that you can rely on GenCare commercial generators to protect your bottom line.

GenCare can assist with the compliance of the following regulations for commercial businesses:

  • The Ontario fire code
  • The CSA C282 Emergency Electrical power supply for buildings
  • The National Building Code
  • The CSA B139 and CSA B149 Installation Codes
  • Electrical Codes

Backed by Licensed Technicians

To meet compliancy, if powering life-safety, commercial businesses must complete monthly maintenance to ensure your generator continues to function as it should. GenCare will help you every step of the way when it comes to meeting your maintenance standards and compliancy needs. GenCare has fully licensed technicians on staff with years of experience in the generator fuel industry, including:

  • Diesel Mechanics
  • Petroleum Mechanics
  • Oil Burner Technicians
  • Gas Technicians
  • Electricians

Powered with Integrity –the GenCare Difference

  • Live 24/7 Support
  • Fully managed generator maintenance
  • Licenced service/diesel/gas/petroleum technicians/mechanics & electricians on staff
  • Detailed generator technical history
  • GenCare trains clients on how to perform the weekly checks and monthly tests at no charge
  • GenCare currently services 120 cities, towns and rural areas – our coverage area reaches you.
  • Upfront pricing, no hidden fees

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