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Preventative Maintenance

What is Preventative Generator Maintenance?

Generator maintenance is a proactive approach to mitigating the risks associated with using generators to power your organization or home. Preventative generator maintenance is crucial to any one who relies on a generator, and without the proper maintenance and care, it can leave you feeling powerless.

GenCare’s Preventative Generator Maintenance Services

As part of GenCare’s preventative maintenance program, we provide:

GenCare assists customers with following CSA-C282 Emergency Electrical power supply for buildings, inspections, tests and maintenance requirements which requires weekly, monthly, semi-annual, annual and five-year inspections, tests and maintenance on generators.

GenCare can provide all this preventative maintenance directly for you or train on-site maintenance staff to perform the weekly checks and monthly tests.

If the generator is used for life-safety purposes, preventative maintenance is not an option but is a mandatory requirement per the Ontario Fire Code, Section 6.7. However, preventative generator maintenance is recommended for all generators, no matter the purpose.

Benefits of Preventative Generator Maintenance

  • Having emergency power when regular power fails.
  • With proper preventative maintenance, you will drastically reduce the likelihood of generator failure.
  • Help meet CSA-C282 Emergency Electrical power supply standards for buildings, inspections, tests and maintenance requirements.
  • Preventative maintenance is recommended for every generator, so you can be confident it functions when it is most needed.
  • Help keep equipment running properly and to add longevity.
  • Peace of mind – because you have enough to deal with during a power loss.

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Powered with Integrity –the GenCare Difference

  • Live 24/7 Support
  • Fully managed generator maintenance
  • Licenced service/diesel/gas/petroleum technicians/mechanics & electricians on staff
  • Detailed generator technical history
  • GenCare trains clients on how to perform the weekly checks and monthly tests at no charge
  • GenCare currently services 120 cities, towns and rural areas – our coverage area reaches you.
  • Upfront pricing, no hidden fees

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