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Maintenance Programs

What is a Generator Maintenance Program?

A generator maintenance program or generator maintenance agreement with GenCare helps you conform to the required regulations without worrying about the status of your generator. The GenCare generator maintenance programs offered is part of our preventative maintenance to keep you informed about the workings of your generator on a regular basis. A generator maintenance program takes the responsibility of keeping generators in good operating shape, so you’re never left in the dark.

Benefits of Generator Maintenance Programs

  • Avoid generator shut down during a power failure.
  • With proper preventative maintenance your generator will be ready when you need it the most.
  • Help meet CSA-C282 Emergency Electrical power supply standards for buildings and CSA-Z32 Safety and essential electrical systems in health care facilities, inspections, tests and maintenance requirements.
  • A maintenance program is recommended for every generator, so you can be confident about it functioning when utility power fails.
  • You will always be on top of the required generator maintenance and repairs.

Available Generator Maintenance Programs

GenCare wants to protect your generators from a breakdown. Regular generator maintenance and servicing not only helps you adhere to government regulations, but also keeps you out of the dark. Below is a list of our programs for generator maintenance:

This maintenance program is GenCare’s most robust. We provide weekly inspections and tests for your generator to ensure it’s in tip top shape. This package is recommended for Health Care Facilities or any facility that does not have maintenance staff to perform weekly inspections and tests.

This program provides generator maintenance, test and inspections four times a year. This program is best suited for sectors that are completing their monthly testing. With GenCare maintaining, testing, and inspecting your generator system four times per year, there is more opportunity to notice deficiencies and have them repaired during the next visit.

This program provides generator maintenance, test and inspections once a year. This program is best suited for small home generators that are non-life safety.

This maintenance program is best suited for any facility that does not have maintenance staff to perform inspections and operating the emergency system for one hour under load as it provides generator maintenance, test and inspections 12 times a year.

Note: Per CSA C282 Health Care Facilities are required to perform the monthly requirements on a weekly basis.

This program provides generator maintenance, test and inspections 2 times a year. This program is best suited for facilities with site maintenance staff diligent in completing their weekly checks and monthly tests.

If you own a generator, you undoubtedly know that it can be costly to get a generator repaired during a time of crisis. It’s more cost efficient and less time consuming to take a proactive approach to have your generator inspected and tested regularly to avoid an emergency where immediate action is required and repairs are needed.

If deficiencies are noticed during your scheduled maintenance, a quote is submitted to repair the deficiencies during your next scheduled maintenance. This helps save time and resources as it avoids a separate service call.

Powered with Integrity –the GenCare Difference

  • Live 24/7 Support
  • Fully managed generator maintenance
  • Licenced service/diesel/gas/petroleum technicians/mechanics & electricians on staff
  • Detailed generator technical history
  • GenCare trains clients on how to perform the weekly checks and monthly tests at no charge
  • GenCare currently services 120 cities, towns and rural areas – our coverage area reaches you.
  • Upfront pricing, no hidden fees

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