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Fuel Services

What are Generator Fuel Inspections?

Fuel source is the heart of your generator. It’s imperative to protect your fuel system to maintain the highest level of energy resiliency.

GenCare generator fuel services includes TSSA 10 year Comprehensive fuel oil inspections by our fully licensed technicians to ensure compliance with TSSA Ontario Regulation 213/01 Fuel Oil, Paragraph 7. This is crucial as the TSSA will complete site inspections and issue orders against the site and its owners should they find the installation of a generator’s fuel system in an unacceptable condition.

GenCare’s Generator Fuel Services

Fuel services are used to upgrade generators that have deficiencies in their fuel systems. Complete fuel system services to conform with CSA-B139 Installation code for oil-burning equipment may include:

  • Engineering services and design plans
  • TSSA Variance applications and inspections
  • Tank installations
  • Combustion / ventilation air, modifications or installations
  • Fuel lines and fuel piping
  • Floor coatings and containment sills
  • Fuel polishing
  • Exhaust system repairs and installation

Benefits of Fuel Services from GenCare

Some of the many benefits of GenCare generator fuel services include:

  • TSSA Fuels Safety Contractor
  • TSSA compliance
  • A deficient-free and safe generator system
  • Less likely to have generator fuel system failures
  • Years of experience in the generator fuel industry
  • Fuel providers will supply fuel to a compliant fuel system
  • Without generator fuel, there is no power!

GenCare has fully licensed technicians on staff with years of experience in the generator fuel industry, including:

  • Diesel Mechanics
  • Petroleum Mechanics
  • Oil Burner Technicians
  • Electricians

GenCare works closely with the TSSA to provide a solution. We pride ourselves in providing turnkey, hassle-free solutions for an emergency backup system you can count on.
GenCare’s fuel division is here for you. No job is too small – we always have the right solutions for any situation.

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